You can enjoy the area of Mani by choosing to stay in the area of Limeni and of course, Kourmas!
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The name 'KOURMAS' is due to a date palm tree that existed between two plain rocks and as a result wouldn't remain unnoticed. Such a tree was never seen around the area.

According to the legend, this tree was planted by a monk who used to leave in between those rocks, right next to where the rooms are today, in the monastery of Panagia Vretti.

In a magnificent location of Mani, the famous and picturesque Limeni, which is 4 km away from Areopoli and 82 km from Kalamata, you can find 'Kourmas'.

Ο 'KOURMAS' is operating since 1989 with great respect to the traditional hospitality, the traditional tastes and even greater respect to the customer.

In KOURMAS we promise to help you enjoy your stay in Mani, next to the lovely sea, with the sun warming you up whilst the moonlight and the winds of sea will keep you refreshed. In Mani, there are so many villages that you will be thrilled to explore each and every single one.
Visiting our tavern 'KOURMAS' you will enjoy a variety of local tastes including all differents kinds of fish, starring:
freshly caught fish from the local fishermen,
the lobsters, which can found in the bay,
the shrimps
and the scampi,
Our flagship dish couldn't be any other than the lobster with pasta.
'KOURMAS' is a family tavern with homemade menu since 1989.
  • Kourmas Mani
  • Kourmas Mani
  • Kourmas Mani
  • Kourmas Mani
If you are looking for a place to stay in Limeni or Areopoli, look no further. In KOURMAS, we offer newly refurbished, air-conditioned, traditionally built and decorated rooms for 2, 4 or larger families with children

with traditional breakfast. The traditional breakfast contains 'lalagia' (traditional recipe in Mani) with cheese and olives, home made cookies and cakes.
Breakfast is served with a view to the Messiniakos bay, which lies in front of the restaurant and offers the peace and tranquillity you always wanted.
  • Kourmas Mani
  • Kourmas Mani
  • Kourmas Mani
  • Kourmas Mani
Visiting Mani is something that nobody has ever regretted. The sights are one of a kind and will never be forgotten.

Rocks, Prickles, olive trees, astonishing Rock towers and the traditional hospitality of the locals are few of the many things that visitors enjoy in the southernmost area of Greece's mainland.
In Areopoli which is the centre of Mani, you will walk in the small paths, you will visit the traditional museum in the Tower of Pikoulakis and the historical square of Areopoli where the revolution of 1821 begun.
Continuing towards Pirgos Dirou, you cannot escape a 1h exploration of the famous Caves of Diros, which are one of the most famous caves worldwide.
Next stop would be Vathia, the ‘little New York’ or ‘Parthenon’ of Mani, with its astonishing towers build in the edge of the rocks.
Finally, the visitors cannot avoid Capo Tenaro, the southernmost spot of European mainland with the great lighthouse. Its the ideal excursion for those who love trekking.
This is where the notorious Cave of Hades exists, where the dead used to begin their journey to the underworld.
Maniatikos Pirgos
Tower in Mani
Spilaila Dirou
Caves of Diros
Kourmas Mani
kourmas mani
To get to Limeni, where you can stay in 'KOURMAS' start by taking the national road of Athens-Sparta-Githion (268 km)
and continue towards
Areopoli (24 km), where you can follow the signs for Limeni

Kourmas Mani
Mavromichalis Mansion